• Here is a sample of well deserved road test passes:

    • Jeremy

    • Gregory

    • Joeanna

    • Augusta

    • Keri

    • Cassandra

    • Mary Jane

    • Lauren

    • David

    • Lucas

    • Mandeep

    • Taylor

    • Tian

    • Stefan

    • Sasha

    • Jasmine

    • Michael

    • Donna

    • Sabrina

    • Monica

    • Ana

    • Grace

    • Kelsey

    • Quinn

    • Rose

    • Fred

  • Here is a sample of text messages received by our driving instructors after road test passes:

    Hi Siva, this is Quintin. I passed my G2 test. It took under 10 minutes. Haley did it after me and passed as well.

    Hi Siva, I just wanted to let you know that I had my G2 road test today and I passed it! Thanks again for teaching me! ~ Jordyn

    Hey Siva, I finally got my G2 today and the examiner said I was one of the best drivers in a while. So thank you very much for teaching me how to drive. ~ John

    Hi Humayun, it’s Paul. I passed my road test yesterday and now have G2. Thanks again for teaching me. It worked well and I feel like a confident driver. Hope all is well. Take care man!

    Ranee, I just did my road test. It went well, I passed. Thank you for teaching me, couldn’t have done it without you! ~ Adelisa

    Hey Ranee! Just to let you know everything went well today, I passed! !Thank you so much for everything! I’ll keep in touch with you when it comes time for my G road test. ~ Brooke

    Ranee, I passed! Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without your help this weekend! ~ Emma

    Hey Siva, it’s Ash. I passed my road test this morning. Thank you.

    Hi Siva, Like to let you know I just passed my G2 test…I couldn’t have done this without your lessons! Thank you so much! ~ Ryan

    Siva, good news! Took my G2 road test this morning and passed! ~ Jared

    Siva, I passed my G2 road test. Thank you for teaching me. ~ Victoria

    Ranee, I passed my G2. Thanks for teaching me. You are an amazing teacher! ~ Mya

    Hi Siva, it’s Nabeyou, I PASSED MY G2. Thank you!!

    Hello Ranee, It’s Julia. I just wanted to say thank you for Sunday. It helped immensely. I took my test today and passed, so thank you again. Have a great day.

    Humayun, Passed. Thank you for helping me improve and pass so well with very good score. ~ Joshua

    Hello Humayun, I passed my road test today! Thanks so much for the guidance, and for helping me become a confident driver! I hope everything is well. ~ Mariam

    Hey Ranee, Just wanted to let you know I got my G2 yesterday and say thanks for your help! ~ Lakyn

    SIVA, I PASSED!!! Thanks buddy. ~ Abbey

    Siva, I got my G2!! Thank you! ~ Claire

    Humayun, I just took my G2 this morning and I passed!! Thanks so much for being an awesome teacher!! ~ Melissa

    Hey Siva, it’s Scott. I passed the G1 exit. Thank you for helping build my confidence at the beginning!

    Humayun, I did it!! Thank you so much for teaching me everything!! ~ Nadejda

    Hey Ranee, I just wanted ti let you know I PASSED my G2 and am very thankful for all your help! ~ Monique

    Thanks again for teaching me Humayun. I passed my G2 exam. ~ Jacky

    Humayun, I passed! Thanks so much for teaching me! Adam

    Hi Siva, I just passed my drivers test. ~ Laura

    Humayun, Ended up getting the G2. Thank you for excellent teaching. ~ Aidan

  • Here is a sample of emails from a few graduates of Royal City Driver Training:

    Hi there! My name is Sara and I’m very happy to say the driving course I took with you really paid off. I passed my G2 with a 94% on my test. I thank you for your help and I would certainly recommend Royal City Drivers to anyone who asks.

    Good afternoon. My name is Sydney and I have just completed my driver’s training with Humayun. Hu is a wonderful teacher who instructs with ease and clarity. He constantly encouraged me and I feel more and more capable each time I drive. Thank you for a great driver’s training experience.


  • Here is a sample of comments posted by our happy graduates on our Facebook page:

    Royal City for driver’s ed was a great experience! The in-class portion was flexible, convenient and informative, and the in-car time was invaluable for getting time behind the wheel.

    Ranee (my in-car coach) was amazing. Calm, cool and collected, always professional but also friendly, caring and dedicated to seeing her students succeed.

    As a successful driver now, I would highly recommend Royal City for anyone looking for driver training! ~ Alissa

    Great program! Ranee was an amazing teacher and did a great job of preparing me for my G2 test! ~ Mya